The entrances for chaos and nature

Runecrafting is an skill where you make runes by using rune essence has been changed in soulsplit, first there was a mage in neitiznot south wich would bring you to wherever you want. Body runes,Air runes etc. This has been changed. This wi'll show you how to runecraft now. Runecrafting also has been made verry hard so only do this is you have time or you really want to runecraft.

1. Teleport to edgeville by using your city teleport in your spellbook

2. Get a inventory full with essence.

3. run in to the wildy (make sure you have no expensive armor on unless you can beat everyone) and go a little bit east.

4. Once you'll find a mage (hes not that far in the wildy) right click and click on Teleport.

5. you'll be teleported to the abbysal rift. Run a little bit around untill you see an entrance.

6. once you found the entrance you should be at the abbysal rift. if you look closely around you can see flashing runes. like earth runes, air runes body runes and more.

7. once you clicked on the one you want to craft you'll be teleported away.

And thats it!

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